Ingredients, Products and Treatments That Work Better—and Faster—Together


Ingredients, Products and Treatments That Work Better—and Faster—Together

Alastin Skincare TransFORM Body Treatment + Coolsculpting

“Alastin's TransFORM Body Treatment is a great complement to CoolSculpting. After CoolSculpting freezes the fat, the topical application of TransFORM has been shown to enhance and accelerate fat-reduction results while also tightening the skin. I recommend TransFORM to all of my patients getting CoolSculpting procedures because it helps optimize their treatment and maximize results.” — New York dermatologist Amy Lewis, MD

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic + Clear + Brilliant

“There's no better combination treatment than the Clear + Brilliant laser and SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum ($166). C E Ferulic not only helps minimize sunspots, but also helps the effects of Clear + Brilliant last longer, so I recommend it to all of my patients who opt for the laser treatment.” —Houston dermatologist Karan K. Sra, MD

“Combining treatments can give a patient an exponential result with added benefits. It actually showcases the fact that the whole IS greater than the sum of its parts. One of my favorite power couples is combining Fraxel with PRP, which is excellent for the arms and legs. It’s a dynamic duo that is highly effective for reducing brown spots, evening texture and the ‘tissue issues’ of crepiness and laxity. A highly synergistic combo, the two also deliver a cascade of growth factors that get to work in the dermis and continue to extend the benefits in key areas at the cellular level.” —Beverly Hills, CA dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD

A Facelift + Tranexamic Acid

“My favorite power combo is a facelift and tranexamic acid. The facelift addresses the three key supporting ligaments in the face, which, as we journey through life, begin to stretch out, causing sagging of the facial canvas. By restoring these three key ligaments, we can restore a beautiful neck and jawline. Tranexamic acid, injected locally into the tissues before we start surgery, helps eliminate bruising, which is a key element in my rapid-recovery approach.” —New York Facial plastic surgeon Matthew White, MD

Breast Reconstruction + Light Jacket

“I’ve had the privilege of performing a significant amount of breast reconstruction procedures, and in many of those surgeries, I find myself working in deep, dark cavities. As a result, my team and I developed a novel, disposable device—the Light Jacket—that improves visibility for myself and other surgeons without the effects of neck strain, reliance on an assistant or clumsy cables. When my vision is improved in combination with a low level of stress and minimal commotion in those dark spaces, my patient becomes the ultimate winner.” —Old Lyme, CT plastic surgeon Vinod Pathy, MD

CoolSculpting + Ultherapy

“I would say there are some universal truths women complain about. One, I’ve never met a patient who doesn’t
tell me she wants to lose 10 pounds. Two, every woman at a certain point in time hates her neck. This combination treatment debulks and tightens skin to create a more youthful appearance overall without looking pulled. ‘Cobra neck’ is not cute, and this combination gives you the angle of the jaw and sweep of the neck that results in a beautiful, youthful restoration.” —West Islip, NY dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla, MD

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