It won't replace the gym, but it is a cool life hack.

By now, you’re probably at least vaguely familiar with body contouring treatments. They’ve advanced majorly in recent years. Instead of hitting the gym for weeks to get the definition you’ve been struggling through workouts for, you can visit your local medspa for 30-minute sessions while a machine does it for you, in theory. I first learned about the ultramodern treatment from actress Malin Akerman, who, like other Hollywood favorites, uses CoolTone to get the abs she’s struggled to achieve with exercise.

Why I Tried It

Toning up is my Achilles heel. When I’ve put on a bit more weight than I would have liked, I’ve pushed myself in the gym to get to my goal and give myself a big pat on the back for it. But getting my muscles (that seem to do more of a putty type of thing) sculpted is a different story. I want to preface this statement by emphasizing that I’m very proud of my body, grateful for its capabilities, and have truly learned to love its "softness." However, when I heard that there’s a non-invasive treatment (with no downtime) that will give me the midsection that genetics didn’t, I was intrigued.

I had three sessions of CoolToning done at Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery in New York City by Dhaval G. Bhanusali, MD. Like most body contouring treatments, you can find a practice in your area that has CoolTone on its list of services.

Specifically, Bhanusali is a leading digital health entrepreneur who has become a go-to for celebrities and models, so I felt extra secure in his hands. He prescribed a series of four sessions to achieve my desired tautness—usually, a package of four to six sessions is recommended. Unfortunately, a busy work schedule kept me from my last appointment, but I can firmly say that after three sessions, I was happy with the change (although subtle) I saw in my before-and-after photos.

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