The CoolSculpting Guarantee

Our CoolSculpting Guarantee

Love the way you look, guaranteed.


How the CoolSculpting Guarantee works:

At Greenwich Medical Spa, we treat to complete with our CoolSculpting Guarantee. During your consultation, your clinician will create a custom treatment plan based on your goals and expectations. All aspects of the treatment frequency, number of cycles, pricing, and options to participate in the GMS CoolSculpting Guarantee will be discussed during this meeting.

1st Treatment:

Receive your first CoolSculpting treatment based on the treatment plan.

2nd Treatment:

Your second treatment will be 30 days after your first treatment.

3rd Treatment (if applicable):

If your treatment plan included a 3rd treatment, it would be performed 30 days after your second visit.

Results Check-in:

5 months from your last treatment. It’s time to take more pictures and assess the results.

The GMS CoolSculpting Guarantee

If you do not see a visible result upon assessment of your pictures and after completing all the recommended treatments on your customized plan, we will re-treat that specific area once more for free.

Next Steps:
Based on your assessment and your goals, your clinician will work with you to determine if further Coolsculpting treatment areas should be considered.

Patient Commitment + Guidelines:
To treat to complete, patient must comply to the following guidelines:

  • Commit to having pictures taken before, during, and after all CoolSculpting sessions/treatments.
  • Come in for their 2nd session/treatment 30 days after the first treatment.
  • Come in for their 3rd session/treatment 30 days after the second session/treatment (if applicable and a part of your treatment plan)
  • Purchase and use the SkinMedica (or Alastin) Body cream as an at home treatment.
  • Watch that there isn’t a weight fluctuation greater than 5lbs after the start of session/treatment
  • Follow and complete their treatment plan per the patient consultation, assessment, and plan.

Restrictions and Additional Terms:

  • The GMS CoolSculpting Guarantee is not valid on any special priced packages such as flash sales or event pricing.
  • If the CoolSculpting treatment is stopped or the decision is made to limit the number of applications prescribed, the guarantee is void.
  • If a patient feels results have been achieved prior to the original treatment plan, unused sessions/treatments may be used as a store credit toward other treatments or products.

Before and After

Coolsculpting CT