CoolSculpting Financing

The CareCredit Card is a health and beauty credit card that allows you to spread out the cost of elective procedures like CoolSculpting, with payments as low as $100 a month. CareCredit offers a 12-month payment plan with no interest.

Here's how works:

Once you're approved, you receive an open line of credit you can use as often as you like for the procedures you want, as long as you have credit available. Depending on the plans offered, you choose either a No Interest* (If paid in full within the plan period. Minimum monthly payments required) or Low Interest payment plan each time you use CareCredit.

You can use CareCredit for procedures costing up to $25,000, depending on your available credit line.

Improving patient outcomes in today’s healthcare environment means carefully weaving a strong clinical practice with a sound financial program. Whether your revenue is derived primarily from elective care or insurance reimbursement, a properly designed, and carefully implemented, financing solution can enhance revenues by providing more patients with affordable access to quality care.

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