CoolSculpting Applicators

CoolSculpting Applicators to Optimize Your Experience

We Offer Precise Fat Reduction with the Latest CoolSculpting Equipment and Applicators

You may have heard that the CoolSculpting procedure works best on subcutaneous fat that you can pinch or grab. It’s true that loose fat is easy to treat, but with the latest advances in CoolSculpting applicators, we can treat more areas of the body and types of fat than ever before. At The CoolSculpting & CoolTone Centers, we have all of the newest applicators in our toolkit, so we can precisely target stubborn fat cells from chin to knees to inner thighs, and anywhere in between. Utilizing CoolSculpting applicators also helps reduce treatment times.

CoolAdvantage Petite

This new applicator is small but mighty. The CoolAdvantage Petite tackles what patients report as the third most troubling area – the upper arm. With two interchangeable contours, it treats the unique shape of the upper arm and offers an ideal solution for other areas with small pockets of fat like the knees, bra line and backs of thighs.

CoolAdvantage Plus

A versatile applicator used for multiple areas thanks to its interchangeable contours, the CoolAdvantage Plus works best on pinchable fat and brings with it treatment time as short as 35 minutes. This applicator has been shown to reduce bruising and increase treatment comfort. It provides a solution for fat removal on larger treatment areas like the lower and upper abdomen.

CoolCore Advantage

This applicator forms the core of our practice! The CoolCore Advantage applicator is our most used applicator. With this updated version of the original applicator, we can reduce fat on your upper or lower abdomen with just one 35-minute session.

CoolCurve+ Advantage

For creating the shape you want, look no further than the CoolCurve+ Advantage CoolSculpting applicator. It sculpts a slimmer waist because it curves around your sides to trim what men call love handles and women might think of as extra padding on their flanks. Because we have two CoolCurve+ applicators, we can treat both sides at the same time, cutting your treatment time to just 35 minutes.

CoolFit Advantage

The advantage of the CoolFit applicator is that it treats longer areas of fat like the inner thighs, abdomen and arms. With a new cup design, this CoolSculpting applicator will help you achieve the thin thighs, slim belly and graceful arms you desire.

CoolSculpting Applicators

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The release of the CoolMini applicator represented a breakthrough in getting rid of double chins. This small vacuum cup is ideal for treating submental fat, which is what fat beneath the chin is called. Thanks to the CoolMini applicator, you can say goodbye to your double chin without needles or surgery.

Coolsmooth PRO Applicator

CoolSmooth Pro

This is the applicator that allows us to offer CoolSculpting as a solution to any type of fat because the CoolSmooth Pro works on the non-pinchable variety. This special non-suction applicator first warms fat then freezes it to a colder temperature than any other applicator to treat dense fat anywhere on the body and works particularly well on the outer thighs.

With so many effective CoolSculpting applicator sizes available, we are able to carefully individualize a CoolSculpting treatment plan for each patient.

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