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We've helped more than 15,000 patients achieve their body sculpting goals by eliminating unwanted fat with CoolSculpting treatments. Through our vast range of experience, our clinicians have encountered just about any scenario possible, and thanks to our broad range of CoolSculpting applicators, we have been able to provide effective, non-invasive fat reduction for these patients.

Although your story is as unique as you are, we are here to help. Our goal is to make you feel great, not guilty. In fact, here are some situations we have encountered with existing patients whom we have assisted with their fat-reduction goals:


Age: 41
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 143 lbs.
Body Part: Stomach & Arms

Individual: I am a busy mother of four, and I do not have enough time (or energy) to go to the gym like I used to. Before kids, I would go to the gym six days a week, working out at Orange Theory and lifting weights. My body was in such great shape, and my clothes fit so well.

After having kids, I found that losing weight just was not as easy as it once was. I have stubborn areas of fat on my arms and around my stomach that make my clothes feel so uncomfortable. I still try to make it to the gym at least three days a week, and I eat healthy. But most of my time and energy goes to raising my children.

My husband and I have our 15th anniversary coming up in four months. I want to feel sexy in my sleeveless little black dress like I used to and not have to worry about sucking in my stomach the entire time. I need help getting my pre-baby body back!

Greenwich Medical Spa: You should be proud of yourself for getting to the gym three times a week with four children. That in itself is a feat. Losing weight after having kids can be very challenging, especially when the weight is mostly around the abdomen. With each CoolSculpting treatment, you can slim your abdomen by 20-25%. You can go right back to taking care of the kids after the treatment, without any pain or discomfort. We will help you get back to feeling your best in your little black dress in time for your anniversary!


Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Body Part: Bra Roll

Coolsculpting Bra Roll

Individual: I have been seeing a lot of information on CoolSculpting, and I am very curious if it is the right thing for me. I am currently engaged, and my wedding is coming up in six months. I have found the most perfect dress that is a strapless, A-line cut and beautifully detailed with lace.

I currently exercise four days a week and eat fairly healthy. I like to think I am in pretty good shape, but I have one area that has always bothered me. No matter how much I weigh, I always have a roll of fat that hangs over my bra. It has always made me feel self-conscious.

The dress cuts off low on my back and shows this area, so I am hoping there is something I can do to slim down this bra roll. I do not want to worry about this on my wedding day, especially with everyone looking at me from the back as I make my vows. Can CoolSculpting help me feel better in my wedding dress?

Greenwich Medical Spa: First, congratulations on your engagement! We can definitely help you get ready for your big day. Everyone has those stubborn areas of the body that are hard to slim down no matter how hard we exercise or diet. Six months is the perfect timeline when you are dealing with CoolSculpting. Each treatment takes about three months for maximum results to appear, and most areas need to be treated at least two times. You will be able to get two treatments in before your wedding date!

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Age: 36
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 195 lbs.
Body Part: Stomach & Love Handles


Individual: I have never been a person who cares a ton about my appearance. I kept in good shape playing football in college. And even after graduating, I had a good gym routine with occasional pickup games with my friends.

But now that work has been getting busier in the last few years, I have less time to hit the gym like I used to. My suits are not fitting as nicely, and I believe it’s because of this extra weight I have on my hips. Another area that I see starting to change is my belly. The guys like to go out for happy hour after work, and I don’t want to restrict myself to an occasional beer just to stay slim.

I can’t afford to take time off of work and have surgery. And I do not want anyone to know that I had anything done. What can I do?

Greenwich Medical Spa: The answer to your question is CoolSculpting! It is a treatment to permanently remove fat from stubborn areas with ZERO downtime. We can help you get back that classic “V-shape” to your waist with a series of treatments and start slimming down your abdomen to keep up with going to happy hour with your buddies. We always suggest continuing your exercise routine. When it comes to food and alcohol, moderation is key. A bonus is that CoolSculpting can be done on your lunch break, so you do not have to spend too much time away from the office! No one will know that you’ve done anything, and you will simply start losing fat from the treated areas during the weeks after having CoolSculpting.


Age: 56
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 139 lbs.
Body Part: Chin and Inner Thighs

Coolsculpting Inner Thighs

Individual: All my life I was very fortunate to have a slim body without needing to exercise frequently. However, after going through menopause, my body has completely changed. I look at a piece of pizza, and it goes straight to my thighs.

I started to try and exercise, but I am beyond frustrated. I don’t fit into any of my pants anymore, and I do not want to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I also started to notice that I have a double chin in every photo I take. I never used to have a double chin!

Greenwich Medical Spa: Hormone changes can take many tolls on the body! Losing weight becomes a much harder task than before menopause. CoolSculpting can help you slim your inner thighs by permanently freezing the fat cells and reducing the number you have by 20-25%. Double chins can be treated with CoolSculpting too, thanks to the CoolMini applicator. The chin area can be stubborn and always requires a minimum of two treatments. But the results are great! We will get you camera ready in no time.

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