Choosing CoolSculpting

How to Choose a CoolSculpting Provider

Seven Reasons the #1 CoolSculpting Provider in Connecticut is Your #1 Choice!

#1 We have performed the most CoolSculpting treatments in Connecticut.

We have performed more than 15,000 CoolSculpting treatments since we started offering this groundbreaking technology eight years ago. With all of these effective procedures under our belt, we have treated all kinds of patients with all types of trouble zones. We know what works best for which type of fat, so we provide successful treatments every time.  And we just opened a brand new location in Scarsdale, NY!

CoolSculpting in Scarsdale

#2 We have all of the latest CoolSculpting equipment.

Not only have we gained a lot of experience performing CoolSculpting for tens of thousands of patients for several years, we also keep up with the latest developments. We have all of the current CoolSculpting applicators, so we are able to expertly target each area you would like to improve. From the CoolFit Advantage for larger areas to the CoolMini that is small enough for fat under the chin, using the right applicator for the job makes treatment faster and more effective.

#3 We are the only practice in Connecticut in the Club 5,000 of the CoolSculpting Practice Recognition.

While we’ve far surpassed the criteria to join the exclusive club designated by Allergan, the makers of CoolSculpting, we are the only nearby practice that has done so! In addition to this important recognition, we are also in the top 2% of CoolSculpting providers in the country. Our excellent relationship with the makers of the non-invasive, fat-reduction treatment make us the best place to have CoolSculpting in Greenwich, Scarsdale or Westport.

#4 Our team has the most experience.

Our team of clinicians have performed more CoolSculpting treatments than any others in Connecticut. Each experienced professional providing CoolSculpting at one of our four locations has successfully completed training and earned certification from the makers of CoolSculpting. What’s more, we participate in and host ongoing training, so our clinicians stay abreast of all of the latest CoolSculpting advances.

#5 We have four locations.

Going to the top practice for your CoolSculpting treatment is important, and so is convenience. We offer the best CoolSculpting in Connecticut, and we have four locations to choose from so that your treatment and follow-up visits can fit easily into your busy schedule. All of our locations provide the same cutting-edge equipment and spa-like atmosphere. At each location, only experienced, certified clinicians perform CoolSculpting. That means you can choose the location that is most convenient for you and feel confident that you will achieve the best results possible.

#6 We cut treatment time in half with DualSculpt.

We have two CoolSculpting machines at each of our four locations, which means we can treat multiple areas at one time. Using this DualSculpt method, we are able to cut your treatment time in half!

#7 We are the only providers that have The CoolSculpting® University Masters Class Certificate.

This is a an elite training program designed for proven practices that are seeking to further enhance their CoolSculpting® skills with advanced training. Our two-day Masters program was curated to develop confidence in conducting consultations, designing complex treatment plans, and managing patient expectations.

Together, these top seven advantages not only place us above other practices, they mean you get CoolSculpting treatments that are safe, quick, and effective to offer beautiful, natural results.

Graduates earn:

A CoolSculpting® University Masters Class Certificate

A lab coat branded with the CoolSculpting® Master logo

Access to our CoolSculpting® University Masters emblem

A network of colleagues across North America

CSU Masters courses are the highest level of accreditation CoolSculpting® offers

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