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Greenwich Medical Spa is a Premier Level Provider of Coolsculpting. We've completed the most Coolscultping Procedures in Connecticut.


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How do you make that last bit of belly fat or the most stubborn love handles disappear, when dieting and exercise just aren’t doing it? There’s always surgery. But wouldn’t you like a less radical solution? Well, now there is one. And it really works. You can actually lose those unwanted bulges without knives, needles, suction hoses or even lasers. It’s a very gentle, very effective procedure. And very cool…Literally. It’s called Coolsculpting. And The Greenwich Medical Skincare & Laser Spa is where you’ll find it in Connecticut.

   Developed by Harvard scientists, this unique, patented, FDA-cleared and clinically proven procedure from ZELTIQ involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin. Because Coolsculpting is totally

non-invasive, most people can go right back to their normal routine with no down time whatsoever. The targeted fat cells are then eliminated naturally by your body over a couple of months. The belly bulges, love handles and other stubborn fat deposits on the back simply melt away. Is that cool or what?

   No doubt you have a few questions about this exciting new way of transforming your body from the one you see in your mirror to the one you picture in your mind. We’d like to answer those  questions and tell you more about Coolsculpting. Just give us a call, drop by The Greenwich Medical Skincare & Laser Spa, or simply click on the More Info button. You can soon be living in the hot body you’ve dreamed of, with Coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting is great – but Dual-Sculpting is better!

You’ve probably heard the phrase “two is better than one” at some point in your life, and The Greenwich Medical Skincare & Laser Spa has set out to guarantee this statement rings true with the addition of a second CoolSculpting® machine.  We are now the only practice in Connecticut to offer you not just one CoolSculpting® machine, but two for Dual COOL treatments!

Before now, if you were looking to target unwanted fat on the flanks, you would have to receive treatment one side at a time. Now we can treat both sides at once to decrease your total treatment time. By performing Dual-Sculpting

treatments, we can provide shorter treatment times for each patient.

Why two CoolSculpting®machines?

Some patients have asked why two CoolSculpting® machines should matter to them. The CoolSculpting® device only treats one area at a time; typically the size of one hand. Although treatment isn’t uncomfortable, it can be tedious for patients who wish to treat multiple areas. With Dual-Sculpting, treatment times can be cut in half to help get you back to your busy schedule.

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