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Picture Your Perfect Body. Now Freeze It.

How do you make that last bit of belly fat or the most stubborn love handles disappear when dieting and exercise just aren’t doing it? There is a way. And it really works. You can lose those bulges without knives, needles, suction hoses or lasers. It’s a very gentle, effective, non-surgical procedure. And very cool…Literally. It’s called Coolsculpting. The Radiance Avon Medical Spa is where you’ll find it. 

Developed by Harvard scientists, this patented, FDA-cleared and clinically proven procedure from ZELTIQ involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin. Because Coolsculpting is non-invasive, for most people there’s no down time. The targeted fat cells are eliminated naturally by your body over a couple of months. Belly bulges, love handles and other fat deposits simply melt away.

Radiance MedSpa Special

Coolsculpting 25% off multiple areas
Expires May 31st, 2016
* discount applies to one large and two small treatment areas.
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