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Coolsculpting For Men.
The Greatest Thing Since Cold Beer.

You go to the gym and work out. You log hundreds of sit-ups. You run every day. It all helps, but those stubborn love handles just won’t go away completely. And there’s still a bit of a bulge in the six pack area. Or maybe some fat deposits on your back that are particularly troublesome.

   If you’ve come to the conclusion that more exercise just isn’t getting you to where you want to be with your body work, consider Coolsculpting at Radiance Medspa. We know that looking your best is

just as important to you as a man as it is to a woman. That’s why more and more men are coming to us for skin and body care and especially for Coolsculpting.

   After even one procedure, you’ll begin to see those problem areas disappear. Without adding a single sit-up to your regimen or another mile to your morning run. You’ll be joining the chorus of men saying it’s the greatest thing since cold beer. Coolsculpting by Radiance Medspa.