Coolsculpting for Men

The Greatest Thing Since Cold Beer.

You work out. You run every day. But those stubborn love handles just won’t go away. And there’s still a bit of a bulge in the six pack area.

If more exercise just isn’t doing it, consider Coolsculpting. We know that looking your best is just as important to you as a man as it is to a woman. That’s why more and more men are coming to us for skin and body care and especially for Coolsculpting. After just one procedure you’ll begin to see those problem areas disappear.

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Radiance MedSpa Special

Coolsculpting 25% off multiple areas
Expires August 31st, 2016
* discount applies to one large and two small treatment areas.
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“If you can do something to make yourself feel better, why not do it?”She wanted to do something to feel better and look great in cute shirts.